A headlamp is an esteemed travel companion who lets his hands be free while the terrain is illuminated. It is something of a jungle to find the right one among the offerings available today. All about Travel has tested six different headlamps that make everyday life easier and on the go.

Best Headlamps for Both Every Day and Travel

Swift RL, Petzl

Despite its relatively small size, this headlamp provides incredible light. The headband fits well on the head, and the lamp remains stable regardless of activity, many thanks to the double straps at the back.

There are many benefits to it. Among other things, the reflectors on the headband and locking function so that there is no risk of the lamp being started in the suitcase and discharged.

Another advantage is the built-in indicator that shows how much battery is left—a worthwhile purchase for anyone searching for a high-quality light with simple controls.

Headlamp 330 Teal, BioLite

The result of when the design is combined with function. A really nice headlamp that is easy to handle. Thanks to the battery being located on the back of the headband, you can hardly feel that you are wearing it.

The light can be directed, and the headband is equipped with reflectors and a battery indicator. The red lighting works well and fulfills its function.

The only downside is that the lamp can not be removed from the headband, something that can be good to do when you want to wash the headband—a good alternative for those who are fashion-conscious and do not want to compromise on appearance.

NEO4, Ledlenser

At first glance, this headlamp is perceived as heavy even though it is small in itself and does not take up much space. Maybe it’s because it’s powered by three batteries.

On the other hand, it has an incredibly wide light that illuminates the surroundings, something that quickly makes the extra weight forgotten. It is very easy to handle with just the push of a button, and the headlight can be aimed.

The very wide, light picture, together with the relatively low price, makes this headlamp a very good alternative for both the camping holiday or out on the trails, regardless of whether it is for hiking or running.

Bindi, Petzl

A real little treat that, despite its size, gives surprisingly good light. It fits in any gasket and has a locking function that prevents it from starting in the bag or pocket.

The red flashing light is good if you want to attract attention, but the fixed red light is slightly too weak to work satisfactorily. It is comfortable and hardly feels when you wear it.

The lamp can be aimed and works just as well to wear around the neck as to wear on the head. Quite simply a good travel companion who lights up the surroundings and who can always be there.

Rechargeable Headlamp, Asaklitt

A rather heavy racker that lights up far in front of you and that sits thanks to an extra strap on top of your head comfortably. The fact that the headlamp has a built-in bicycle mount is a plus for those who simply want to change the ride to a bicycle tour without having to worry about extra equipment.

It clearly fulfills its function but is perhaps not the most flexible of headlamps to take with you when traveling. Another disadvantage is the short battery life and the special charger, which does not fit into anything else and means you have another cord to keep track of.

Air, UCO

Probably one of the test’s nicest headlamps, considering the wood panel that gives the lamp a real facelift. It is easy to handle, and the headlamp is adjusted using a Velcro strap.

The low bay is advantageous. The brightness is ok, and it works to have during a walk or at the tent. On the other hand, the red light does not really fulfill its function as it does not light up enough to achieve the desired effect.

An advantage is that the lamp can be directed downwards when needed, but at the same time, this also becomes a disadvantage. The hinge that holds the lamp is not strong enough, and it does not take long before it becomes loose, and the lamp begins to fall by itself.

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