If you like upholstery, indeed, you have already sewn some fabric. Probably with a home sewing machine. But this is the question that everyone who is going to take a step towards more professional jobs asks themself. However, any professional upholsterer you ask which sewing tool is needed for upholstery will give you the same answer: a Best Sewing Machine for Upholstery

What Do I Need to Sew Upholstery?

Upholstery Tools

Moreover, except for the Upholstery sewing machine, professional upholsters also required some other tools as assistance. They are common and affordable tools used in many DIY tasks. All of them will allow you to carry out any assembly or modification to your upholstery easily. They are-

Pair of Scissors

Scissors are one of the most basic upholstery tools. Although it seems obvious, it is essential to have sharp scissors that make the task easier and produce clean and precise cuts. With good scissors and getting rid of the old upholstery, we can adapt the new fabrics to the structure of the furniture and trim the excess material.


Screwdrivers are also a widely used upholstery tool. Usually, various screwdrivers are used: flat, fine tip, star. This instrument can be handy for removing old staples from the piece we want to upholster.


Another of the most basic upholstery tools is the hammer. The ideal is a hammer with a fine head, which lets us finish the job and check that the staples and the fabric are well fixed and secured to the furniture.


Another tool that will be very useful for upholstering is the pliers, which are also used to finish off or carefully remove the staples, nails, or tacks that hold the fabric we want to remove. Remember that it is essential to remove all these fastening elements carefully. In this way, we will avoid tearing the materials or cracking the structure of the furniture.


The stapler is one of the perhaps less common tools, and you will probably have to buy it because it is essential for upholstery jobs. The stapler allows us to keep the fabric well stretched and without wrinkles to work on any piece of furniture and achieve perfect upholstery.

You can find staplers at any hardware store. There are several types: manual, electric, and pneumatic. Depending on the upholstery work you will do, one or the other will be more helpful. Manual staplers are the cheapest, but electric models work on thicker fabrics and more rigid materials.

Suppose we are looking for a more powerful tool. In that case, pneumatic staplers are the most recommended since, with a simple gesture, the pressure and force with which the staple adheres allows us to hold and pierce any upholstery, no matter how thick it may be.


Another particular instrument for upholstering furniture is the goat’s foot. This small tool allows us to quickly remove all kinds of nails, staples, and tacks.

It consists of a metal bar curved at one end with flattened tips, and that usually has a small fissure at the end to remove the nails. If you are going to renew an old upholstery, the kickstand is essential.

Final Words

Although at first upholstering may seem complicated, you will be able to completely change the appearance of all your furniture with a bit of practice.

There will be no furniture that can resist you with these instruments mentioned above. Again, the chances are that most of these instruments are very handy in your own home as well.

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